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How much do you charge for your services?

My services are FREE to you.  Every travel company (e.g. Expedia, Disney, Universal, cruise lines) already builds in fees to every trip.  If you do not use an agent you are paying for a service you don’t use.

Do you only book Disney?

No!  I book almost all destinations.  This includes all Disney destinations, most major cruise lines, Universal Studios Orlando and Hollywood, all domestic destinations, Mexico, the Caribbean and Europe. 

My trip is already booked but can you help answer my questions?

Unfortunately, I do not get paid for my time unless a client books through me directly.  Planning vacations takes a lot of time and effort, which I have to reserve for my booked clients.

Can I transfer a booking to you so you can help?

In many instances, yes.  Depending on when you booked and the guidelines from the company you booked with, you can often transfer your booking to me.  Then I can start helping you plan an amazing trip. 

Will you add promotions after booking?

Yes!  I will monitor for promotions that come out after booking and apply when possible.

How does using a travel planner work?

I help you through each stage of the process.  First, I will ask you questions about what is important to you for your trip and gather detailed information.  The most important part of this process is narrowing down a budget so we can get an accurate quote that is comfortable for you.  I will send you options, you will offer feedback and we will land on the perfect vacation for you.  I will book your trip with the required deposit.  Then the planning begins.  I can help you book excursions, transfers, dining, spa appointments, rental cars, pre and post cruise hotels and special surprises for your family.  I am your personal travel concierge.  I make payments, ask questions and make any needed changes without you ever having to spend your day on the phone on hold.

I like to plan my own trips and still want to be part of the process.  Does that work?

Of course.  You can still be involved in as much of the planning that you like.  I can just be a resource to bounce ideas off of and you are still helping a small business.

Why can’t I just book with Costco or another wholesaler?

You might save a little money at Costco, but you will not get the customer service. Every time you call, you will get a different person, and they will not do any legwork or research for you.  You are on your own.

Can you book stand alone flights?

No.  I do not book stand alone flights. 

Is travel protection important?

Yes.  Travel protection is highly recommended. Unfortunately, issues come up before and during travel and having an extra layer of protection in the event of last minute cancellation, trip delay or travel emergency sets your mind at ease.  Trips are an expensive investment you need to protect.

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